Simple Origami Boxes Storage System




Introduction: Simple Origami Boxes Storage System

This is a simple storage system made from origami boxes, and it was designed to use few materials and tools, to make it easy to build for everyone. Also, the storage system works pretty well for just about anything that fits inside the box; coins, electronics, bottle caps, stamps, etc.

Step 1: Materials

You only need a few materials for this instructable, and you most likely have them already.

Regular Printer Paper




Scissors (To cut the paper)

Step 2: Folding, Folding, and MORE Folding!

I am just going to have the folding all in one step, otherwise there would be about 20 short steps.

First, fold your piece of paper into a triangle, and draw a line along the edge. Cut out the triangle, dispose of the extra paper.

Next, fold the piece of paper into a triangle the other way, and unfold it so the creases look like picture 4.

Fold the piece of paper in half so it is a rectangle as seen in picture 5, then unfold it.

Fold two corners into the crease you just made, then fold those corners in half again.

Fold the other corners down so they meet in the middle of the rectangle, then unfold the entire piece of paper.

Fold the first half of step 4 again, then fold one of the other corners a little more than halfway across, Do the same for the other corner after unfolding the first corner.

Follow the pictures for the last part, I can't explain it well.

Step 3: Turning It Into a Storage System

I have a lot of little electronics; LEDs, resistors, that sort of thing. These boxes are perfect for storing little things like those, and if you get two of them, you can fit one inside the other to make a box. I sadly don't have a picture of my completed storage system, but I just taped the boxes onto my workbench, and presto! Easy storage system is complete! Thank you for reading my short instructable, and if you didn't understand how to make the box, there are a lot of other resources out there, so don't be discouraged! Thank you for reading my instructable, and vote for it in the Paper Contest and the Epilog IX Contest. Please comment and add tips and questions below.


Step 4:

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    4 years ago

    Nice instructable! This box is one of my favorite origami pieces! :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply.