Beginner's Cat Pillow (A Pillow for a Cat, Not of a Cat)

Introduction: Beginner's Cat Pillow (A Pillow for a Cat, Not of a Cat)

This is a simple, straightforward pillow that requires few materials and doesn't take too much time to make.

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are easy to get and can probably be found at your local craft store. You need:

A piece of cloth

A spool of thread




Step 2: Sewing, Stuffing, and Finishing!

To start, choose the side of the cloth that you want to be on the outside (the 'nice' side). Then, fold the cloth in half with the nice side facing in. (I didn't mistype that sentence, this is what you want to do, trust me.) Sew two out of the three sides to be sewn, and then turn your pillow inside out. (I sewed it twice to be sure, sewing to the edge and back again.) Ta-da! Your nice side is now seen by all! Stuff the pillow, making sure you still have enough room to sew up the rest of the of the pillow. When you have deemed your pillow stuffed enough, sew up the last side. Enjoy your new pillow! Or rather watch your cat enjoy your new pillow! Thank you for reading my mini instructable, and vote for it in the Sew Warm Contest if you liked it!


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