Introduction: Simple Pallet Compost Bin

Want a compost bin? got 20 minutes a hammer and a box of nails? It's so easy I made it work.

Step 1: Find Some Pallets

Scavenge a few pallets. It's easy, they're everywhere. You will need three for this project but it's always nice to have spares on hand.

Step 2: Attach Pallets to Other Pallets

Position your pallets so that they resemble a u shape. The two you are using for the sides should be in front of the other. nail them together. Yeah that board is split, it's a box to rot yard waste in split boards are fine.

Step 3: Brace Yo Compost Bin

After nailing (or screwing if you're fancy like that ) the three pallets together grab a couple longish pieces of scrap wood. Attach them to the outside of the bin. Use nails or screws driven at a 90 degree angle to those you used to attach the three pallets together.

Step 4: Throw Your Compost in Da Bin

your compost bin is now ready for leaves, kitchen scraps, garden waste and such.

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