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This project actually started without any plan... I considered if I should publish it, since it looks a bit funny, but it does the work!

I lately started to take videos of my DIY projects.

After I published my first video (and instructable), I got comments regarding the distance of the video shooting.

People suggested me to take the videos at a closer look, in order to show close-up details of the project process.

When I started my second recorded project (see the result at the end of this instructable), I looked for a place which I can connect my phone easily, for taking top view video recording, make some dirt and clean easily.

I decided to make the project on the bathroom, and got an approval from my wife to work there :-)

Another requirement was the possibility to see on realtime while taking the videos recording, that the actions I'm doing during the project (e.g. cutting, drilling etc.) are always centered on the frame of the video...

Since that the stand is higher than my head while sitting and working, I decided to add a mirror in angle, so I can take a look at the phone's screen from time to time.


General List of tools I'm using -

Step 1: Where Can I Connect My Phone?

I looked for a place I can connect my phone easily, on the bathroom.

One thing got my attention - the handle of the shower stall...

I decided to disassemble the handle, and use it for connecting the phone stand.

Note: It can be risky to use the shower stall, since it's made of glass and hitting the stand might break the glass. I worked with it very carefully!

Of course that you can connect the stand in a different room, furniture, wall etc...

Step 2: Making the Wooden Stand

I took two wood profile leftovers that I had.

I drilled and connected them on 90 degrees using some screws.

Step 3: Preparing a Screwing for the Shower Stall Handle

I drilled on the wood profile, on the side that should be connected to the shower stall glass.

I found a nut, that fits to the handle screwing. I drilled a bigger hall on the edge of the previous drilling, with the depth and width of the nut and put it inside.

Finally, I put 2 small screws to hold the nut inside.

That's it, I have a stand that can be easily connected and removed from the shower stall when I need it. (again, carefully...)

Step 4: Connecting the Stand to the Shower Stall

I connected the stand to the shower stall glass using the handle.

Step 5: Connecting the Phone to the Stand

I took a hair rubber band from my wife, and connected the phone to the edge of the wood profile, surrounding the wood.

I checked that the working surface fits well in the video frame.

Step 6: Adding a Mirror for Watching the Screen While Working

As I described on the introduction, since that the stand is higher than my head while sitting and working, I decided to add a mirror in angle, so I can take a look at the phone's screen from time to time, from the below.

I took an adjustable mirror (again, from my wife... LOL...) and connected it with some plastic bands.

Step 7: The Result

That's it,

You can see how does the phone's screen can be seen from the below.

Many times while working, I looked up, I saw that the table was moved from the frame or that my hands / tools are out of the frame and fixed it easily!

Step 8: The First Video I Took Using This Stand

This is the first video that I took using this stand.

What do you think of the result?


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