Introduction: Simple Screenshot Animation Made in TinkerCad (Scene)

Well, one day I was creating a scene of an aeroplane landing on the runway in TinkerCad. In the end, I just looked at it for some time and it felt boring. I thought, how can I make it visually pleasing for the contest. The other day I have been working on a few animations and thought, "How could I make simpler animations that don't need a lot of effort". That's when both combined to make the Screenshot Animation Made in TinkerCad


- TinkerCad account

- Computer screenshot (controls may vary)

- Video editing software (any)

- Time and patience

Step 1: Make a Scene

You can create any scene ranging from a person walking to a fully functional city. For this project, I made a runway with an aeroplane landing, then some people would come out in the end. Your scene must have 2 components - moveable parts (Cars, people) - non-moveable parts (books, building).

Step 2: Animation

First, go to the bottom right corner where it's written snap grid, change it to

- BRICK for Larger zoomed out animations

- 2.0mm or < for more precise animations.

Select your moveable part and click the arrow keys on the keyboard for forwarding, backward, sideward and diagonal motions.

For every movement/click, one screenshot shall betake and saved in a folder.

Stay in only one place while taking screenshots.

Step 3: Video Editing Software

Once you finished doing your animation and take a bunch of screenshots. Now you will have to open your video editing software. The one I am using is called Clipchamp (online).

Import all your screenshots into the software,

Then into the timeline part (Long bars where images, video, audio is put together).

Select all images and remove all spaces with the ___ tool.
Reduce the duration for smoother animation. But don't reduce it too much or the animation will go too fast!.

If you have a more advanced video editing software, go ahead and cut it down to only focus the animation.

Step 4: VOILA!!

Awesome you have done it!!

In the end, you should have smooth animation on the preview.

Please share your videos in the comment below, I would love to see them.

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