Introduction: Spread Awareness With the COVID Hat

I thought how could the COVID awareness be used in a funny way? Some people totally forget that the COVID pandemic is even there and they proceed with their normal human ways. With the COVID hat, it will alert people that we need to stay safe, 6ft of social distancing and always wear gloves and masks. There are only 4 simple steps to make the COVID HAT. Send this Instructable to your families and friends to SPREAD THE AWARENESS!!


- Red Knitted hat

- 13 Straws

- Hot gun

- liquid glue

- Thin plastic sheets

- Paper towels

- Red coloured dye

- Scissors

Step 1: Organize

Step 2: Spike Proteins

Cut all the bendy part of all straws. Take each straw and wrap it around with 20 cm length of paper towel. Wrap them around tight and add glue at the edges, then roll it on the ground of 10 seconds. Make sure you trim off a bit of paper at one end. Repeat this process for all the straws and let dry for 5 min.

Step 3: Colour Spike Protein Red

Take each spike and spray it with red dye. For a fancy touch spray the dye in a pattern, Top - middle - bottom. let it dry for 5 min and repeat the process for a dark red colour.

Step 4: Spike Proteins Onto Hat

Take your knitted hat and find a hole that fits the size of a straw. Pass the exposed part of the straw into the cap. 1. attach all the spikes in random or 2. attach six in the bottom and six in close to the top and one on the top right centre.

Step 5: Attach Them in Place

Start heating up your hot glue gun, in the meanwhile. Cut 13 thin plastic pieces to 15 mm by 15 mm (square).

Put a pea-size amount of hot glue on the plastic squares and attach them to the exposed part of the straw (inside the knitted cap) and let dry for 1 min.

Step 6: Voila!!

The hat should finally look anyway like THIS. If the spikes are falling/leaning down, pull the cap down tight and all the spikes will straighten itself.

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