Introduction: The One and Only Omelette

Wnt to start with a simple morning breakfast. This style of the egg omelette that will make you go yum yum.



- Cooking pan

- Bowl

- Fork

- Spatula

- Pepper and salt

- Stove

- Vegetable oil

Step 1: Heat the Pan

- Turn on the stove to medium heat

- Put the pan on the stove

- Pour some vegetable oil on the pan

Step 2: The Egg Mix

- Break the egg with the fork

- Remove all the egg whites and yellow parts and pour it in the bowl

- Just poke the egg yellow and mix for 3 seconds

Step 3: Cook It!

- Pour the mix into the pan

- Add salt and pepper immediately

Step 4: Flip the Omelette

- Let cook for 20 seconds

- Fold the omelette

- Flip the omelette with the spatula

Step 5: Enjoy

- Pick up the omelette with the spatula

- serve in a bowl