Introduction: Simple SpikeBall Game

If you might have seen a group of kids playing a game of Spikeball outside on the grass, you might be wanting that too. One day you're in the store shopping and then you see that game, you become very happy and then see the price, you get heartbroken at $40!!! You go home seeing that awesome game die away. You're at the computer finding the game at a lower cost but found out it takes 1 month to deliver. THEN you see this instructable finding that you could save $30!!!!!

This project is simple, low cost and you need little resources to have such fun




- Hula hoop (60 cm in diameter) ×1

- A big Pool noodle ×1

- A knife

- Markers

- A ruler

- Pebbles

- Hand-sized ball

Step 1: The Legs

Mark and Cut the pool noodle into 5 pieces at 20 cm.

Put 4 pebbles in each leg as a weight

Step 2: Attach Hoop to the Noodle

Mark and Cut the pool noodle 5 cm deep on the top by the diameter using the knife.

Attach all the legs to the hula hoop (though the cuts) and position the pieces so they are evenly spaced.

Step 3: The Tape Net

Use the packaging tape to make a whole loop across the centre of the hula hoop. Tape it up and under such that it covers the sticky part (Cut when enough). Continue taping around the hoop through the center.

TIP: Don't leave a space while taping.

Space is only given when a leg comes in the way.

The spaces can be vertically duct-taped for more bounce

Step 4: How to Play

The game is played, 2 teams, each starts with opposite sides of the net.

The team with the ball serves by tossing the ball into the air and spiking it down onto the net towards the other team. Once the ball is served, it's a 360* game means players can go around and any side of the net

To WIN: Your team should spike the ball onto the net such that the other team can't return it


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