Introduction: Simple Silk Thread Jewellery

It is obvious that this Traditional Jewelry is made up of silk threads that come from the cocoons of silkworms. The process of silk extractions is known as sericulture wherein the cocoons of silkworms are dissolved in boiling water so that long silk fibers can be extracted.

After the entire process of silk extraction is completed, it is converted to silk cloths and other silk materials. But if you want to make a silk thread jewelry, you have to collect the threads from the market or any silk cloth that you have. There are various processes through which these silk threads are used to make the pieces of jewelry that are completely handmade.



threads of different desires colours based on intrest

jhumka base

kundans of different shapes

joining wire

small balls for making necklace


scissor etc.,

Step 1:

Step 2:

take a bangle and take 20-25 strands of green thread

wind it completely to the whole bangle and decorate it with the kundans .

then the bangle is ready to use.

u can design many designs with different patterns . the bangle is ready

i didn't upload making images since i completed this work long back

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Step 3:

take jhumka base of any desired size and take 20-30 strings of thread and wrap it around neatly then using a metal projection make the jhumka and attach it to the stud. [ you can get different types of studs in the market] in this i used a peacock stud made of some artificial metal in gold colour . then attach all of them and decorate with kundans as shown in picture or according to your idea. here i used triangle shaped kundan and used glue to stick them

Step 4:

Tomake the chain u need different colours {green and pink here} thread strands and some plastic balls of medium size . take long strands of green and pink strands with 15-20 strands of threads and wind them balls. using gold wire and a peacock dollar(available in market) join them with small beads in between each colour of ball and i used some artificial stone to be more attractive. also you can customize based on availability of the resources in your place.

since I made it long back I'm not able to provide complete description

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