Introduction: Simple Succulent Planter

Here's a simple planter for succulents thats easy to batch a few out in a day! So lets get started!

Materials I used:

oak and cedar scraps

wood glue

boiled linseed oil


Tools I used:


tape measure

miter saw (optional)

table saw

drill press

router (optional)


Step 1: Chunking It Up!

I started by cutting a bunch of 3.25" squares. Final piece size will get trimmed down to 3" but the extra material is incase the pieces shift during glue up.

Step 2: It's a Sticky Situation

I used Titebond 3 but 2 would be just fine! we will waterproof the inside of this at the end!

I chose to do an alternating pattern on my planters I like the contrast but do what you like for yours!

* when glueing up to prevent shifting I sprinkle a tiny bit of salt on the glue to help hold pieces in place.

Step 3: One Size Fits Most!

Ok a couple hours have passed glue is set so at this point I squared up my pieces. I used my miter saw but can also be done with a table saw. At this point I went to 3" squares.

*remember safety first*

Step 4: Dig a Little Deeper!

With piece squared up I found center by drawing a line corner to corner using my square. Now lets go over to the drill press where I have slowed my drill press down as slow as I can! and have a 2" bit waiting to get dirty! slow and steady wins the race!

*remember don't over heat your bit!*

Step 5: Slicing and Dicing

The hole in the planter works perfect to hold the safety plug while setting up the table saw! LOL I dropped my table saw to a 45 degree angle to add a little extra something to the pieces I took off each corner.

Step 6: Lets Determine the Route (optional)

this step is completely up to the maker! I like to route a little cutback on my planters I like the look it gives almost a little floating look to the piece.

Step 7: Finishing....(i Failed)....

Ok so I forgot pictures of sanding and applying the Boiled Linseed Oil....

Appologizes to this.

But do you really want to see sanding?....

The Linseed oil I poured a little into a plastic cup and used a clean rag and wiped it on. Let it soak in for a few mins then wipe off the excess.

Now lets get into the epoxy to finish the planter! I used the glaze coat I've never had any issues with their product and has great directions in package! Just take your time and mix as they say!

after you pour it into piece every few mins pick up and roll it in your hand to get it up and on sides to protect them as well. It seems like a long time when doing this but really the epoxy sets at a decent speed I was able to do a decent batch like a dozen and it was about perfect.

Step 8: The End!

If you notice the succulent I dropped in planter is still in the plastic one. (I didn't have enough time for the epoxy to cure)

The epoxy will need up to 4 weeks to completely cure and I didn't want to ruin it by putting the succulent in to early so quick photo and it's back out waiting its new home!

Sorry It has come to an end but It's time to start on a new project! Thanks for checking this out and vote for me in the challenge if you liked this intractable! I plan on becoming more involved with writing instructables and teaching newcomers so follow me and I will hopefully be putting out new instructables every couple weeks! thanks again!!!

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