Introduction: Simple Watermelon Ice Cream

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Hi! This is the simplest instructable I have ever written.

We cannot resist that watermelon and ice cream are what make summer summer. There is nothing better than enjoying both of them at the same time during a hot day with an easy way. No sweat.

Step 1: Ingredients

Just watermelon!!!!!

If you have the whole one, cut it into mouthful triangle slices.

I got the sliced one, so it is much easier. lol

Step 2: Freeze It

Put your watermelon in the freezer and wait around 3-6 hours depending on how hard you would like it to be. In the first time, it is the best to check regularly, to meet your ideal and to be the reference for later on.

Notes: Do not leave your watermelon for too long. It will turn into iceberg.

Step 3: Finish!!!

Finish!!! So easy!!! Enjoy your watermelon ice cream!!!

If you want more taste, check out the next step.

Step 4: One More Things...

Add a little bit of salt to add more flavor, but be careful not to put too much of it!!!!

  • Thank you to my sister who helped me writing these instructions in English.
  • Thank you for visiting.

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