Introduction: Simple, Wire Heart Earrings

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Hey everyone it's momo and today I'm making a super sassy set of earrings. Let's get started shall we

Step 1: Supplies

1- proper jewelry wire
2- round nose pliers

Step 2: To Get Started...

Bend the wire in a loop with your fingers or just around something circular

Step 3: Bump

Simply bend a little bump with your pliers

Step 4: Heart

Then curl it back under to make the heart formation

Step 5: Bend Upwards

Then take the pliers and bend upward into the heart.

Step 6: Curl Under

Then make another circular motion underneath and cut some wire off

Step 7: Curly Cue

After the wire is cut take the round nose pliers and make a little curly

Step 8: Done!

Then make another one and you've got a store bought-looking pair of earrings! If you haven't already click that button above and follow to become a part of the farm family and give a cow it's wings. •_£ love y'all

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