Simple Wooden Bookmark

Introduction: Simple Wooden Bookmark

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Last summer our porch was redone and I collected a lot of pieces of wood, that would go to garbage. I love to recycle and repurpose and some of those pieces became a lot of useful stuff around the house or were used in art projects. My last project was wooden bookmarks made out of those leftovers 🤎


Thin piece of wood plank

Wood burner tool,

Gel pen or technical drawing pen,


Mod Podge or any other varnish you use to cover paintings.

Step 1:

Cut a thin piece from a wood plank the size of an ordinary bookmark.

Sand it.

Step 2:

With a wood burner make general lines of a picture you would like to have on your bookmark.

Step 3:

With a gel pen or a technical drawing pen go over the general lines from the burner and add some details to your picture.

Step 4:

Add some color with a marker to the picture.

Step 5:

Cover with Mod Podge or any other varnish you usually use.

Step 6:

Voilà! Easy, pretty and unique!

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