Introduction: Simple Wrench Ring

Two ways to make a stylish ring from a wrench

Step 1: Supplies

Small combination wrenches (size ¼in or smaller)

Steel rods of differing sizes for different size fingers

Oxyasettling torch set with number 2 welding tip

Ballping hammer


Vice grips

Welding gloves


Pedestal grinder with wire wheel

Step 2: Setup

Use appropriate sizing rod and attach wrench with vice-grips; and pliers.

Step 3: Shaping (1st Way)

Light welding torch and heat wrench while using pliers to bend around steel rod until wrench is completely wrapped around the rod.

Step 4: Shaping (2nd Way)

Attach wrench to steel rod with vice-grip and pliers. Then use pliers to bend wrench around steel rod.

Step 5: Removing/Polishing

Once wrench is shaped to desired size remove ring from steel rod with either pliers or ball-ping hammer. Run hot wrench under water then use pedestal grinder with wire ring to polish and buff the ring.

Step 6: Finished

Once ring has been polished you can use sanding paper to polish hard to reach places.

When finished wear the ring and show off your love of tools :)

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