Introduction: Simple and Useful Bracelet Ruler

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I would say sorry for my English it's foreign for me. If you will find mistakes or typos please let me know))

For making leather bracelets usual flex ruler is not good because it's too thin and the result of measuring is smaller then you really need.

Or you can have no flex ruler in your toolbox)))

And you can do it very fast and easy! Let's try!

Step 1: What We Need From Materials and Tools

  • Of cource, you need a leather) 2.8-4mm (7-10oz) will be good for it.
  • Usual solid ruler (or absolute eye and ideal hand)
  • A pen
  • Any sharp knife (it could be rotary or simple, not big deal)))
  • Awl

Step 2: Marking

With ruler and awl mark up a rectangle (I've marked 15x300mm, it's enought) and division lines on the leather piece

Step 3: Make It Visible

Renew division lines with the pen and write the numbers

Step 4: Cut

Just cut your new tool with knife or cutter (and don't forget about solid ruler)

Step 5: Enjoy It!

It's time for testing and making new bracelet for you or someone from your family)))

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