Introduction: Simplest Convenient (Almost Free) Loudspeaker for All Mobile Phones + a Complimentary Tumbler/Vessel( Jugaad Technology)

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Hello everyone,

I was looking for a simple volume booster/loudspeaker for my Samsung phone when I thought of this.
If some else has posted the same thing, please let me know , apologies .

Its one of the most easily available items and everyone can find it,in whichever flavour or color.
My work is not neat,hope that you try to make your work neater :)

Items needed for louder volumes

- A mobile phone
- A plastic Bottle
- A Cutter 
- A lighter or a burner or something, a candle . ALSO NEEDED FOR SHARPER TREBLE(OPTIONAL)
OPTIONAL FOR BASS EFFECT A Old Cellotape Roll / Cardboard Tube for the 

OPTIONAL PERMANENT FIXTURE . the mobile phone's body cover along with some quick fix glue/adhesive

- A heavier cutter/saw for the hard plastic bottleneck.
- Some tape again.
putting the pictures tomorrow
Lets get started.

I'v put some pictures along with a sound meter's reading to help better understanding

Simplest Step 1


1.Cut a washed Pet plastic bottle and put its bottle neck over the phone's speaker as shown in the pictures.
Please go to the Additional Bass/Treble page too otherwise apply tape over the edges so as not to cut yourself/others.

2. For permanent fixture stick the Bottleneck with quick glue to your mobile cover, WITHOUT THE MOBILE IN IT. 
After drying up , Its got some additional Volume


The remaining half of the bottle can be used as your glass after you heat up the plastic edges using a lighter/candle from the inside edges which would curl them inside.

The bottom half whose edges are sharp can be heated up using a lighter can be used for a liquid holder.

Step 1: Two Ideas for IPhones , Blackberry's Etc (Phones With Side Speakers)

Apologies for delay in the pictures, They would be loaded in maximum of 24 hours from time of this publication.

Make the cuts as shown in the images and then heat them up so that the plastic melts a little.

Apply a litte tape over them so that their edge doesnt scratch your mobile phone.

Step 2: An Alternate Idea for Iphones Etc(Side Speaker Phones)

This is a harder process than the instant fix.

If you want , you can cut a channel through the bottle neck as shown by the orange post-it stickers.
I dont have any power tool so couldnt cut it.

People who have iphones or phones with two speakers can cut two bottles and use the bottleneck ends tied with a rubberband.

I think it should look cool but cant promise as I havent tried it .


I dont think its a good idea using the previous idea shown in case of iphones. you could use two bottle necks as shown in the picture and make it stand , but the weight of the bottle necks are close to nil and it might topple over.

FREE OFFER : with this method you get TWO tumblers, vessels instead of JUST one.

Best of luck :)

Step 3: For Additional Treble and Bass

Do both the treble and bass steps and put the bottle neck and the tape/paper roll

For treble ,
heat up your bottle neck till it lookes glassier ,that means its harder now.You should notice a definite sharpness in the sound.

For bass ,
put an cardboard roll on top of the bottle waist as I did.

Tape up the insides as Cardboard will absorb the sound killing the entire effort.
Dont make it too long otherwise the volume would be lost.

Iv tried to measure the difference in volume and saw a rise from 71db till 89db approximately. I just put what I found.

Thanks , And God Bless u.
Sorry for Mistakes.