Introduction: Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Learn to make a Rainbow Loom Single Bracelet!
Beginners bracelets!

Step 1: Materials

-Any loom. I will be using Rainbow Loom
-HooK(Metal or Plastic is fine)
-C or S-clip

Step 2: Positioning the Bands.

1. )Red from first middle peg to the first right peg.
2. ) White from first right peg to second middle peg.
3. ) Continue the pattern all the way up your loom.

Step 3: Hooking.

Flip your loom around, so that the arrows face you.
1.) Hook the first middle-peg-band over to the left second peg.
2.) Hook the 2nd left bavd to the 2nd middle peg.
3.) Continue the pattern to the end.

Step 4: Taking It Off.

1.) Hook a clip on the end. (C or S)
2. )Pull off gently.
3.) Attach the ends