Introduction: SkeleStand

Turn that weepy-looking music book stand into a creepy-looking spell book stand.

I was tired of seeing our awsomely animated spellbook propped up on an un-inspiring spindly stand and figured I'd spike it up a bit. One of my easier projects as it involved only a few inexpensive parts and a few hours of my time.


  • generic music stand
  • spell book (any book will do), I happened to have an animated book
  • bag-O-bones (any equally creepy props will do)
  • small skulls
  • scorpion
  • hot glue / hot glue gun


I wanted to maintain the stand's ability to fold up for easier storage but soon realized the once I started glueing there was no going back. The best I'll be able to do is remove the book platform as a single piece. Oh well.

Using plastic bones, I hot-glued them starting with the feet, working up from the stand base. This allowed me to interlock the bones as best as possible as I moved upward and adjust the stand height in relation to the larger leg bones.

The neck bone was hollow so I simply cut a slice in the bottom and passed it over the bookstand center column and the head was hot-glued in place. Note that the skull has an upward tilt due to the curvature of the neck bone. Had I turned the neck bone the opposite direction, the skull would have a more forward facing glare, but the neck bones would have been anatomically incorrect. Hey, I only go for realism. Either way worked fine as I'm sure only paleontologists and osteologists would have picked up on it.

The platform where the book rests was misaligned so I raised its outeredge height by gluing on a scary scorpion.

Continuing along...

the arm bone connected to the, hand bone (I feel a song coming on), And a few creepy skulls on the ends for good measure.

Step 3: THE END

The SkeleStand was set up next to our Oh So Funny Witch and now fits the scene.

I'm very happy with the results as it created the impact I was seeking. This was an easy one.

Finished video can be seen here

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    That is an awesome project. I would just recommend embedding the video to make it easier to view. If you upload it to a site like YouTube, you can then embed it in the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. Then people will be able to view the video on the page without having to download it.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks. I'll give that a try