Introduction: Skeleton Key

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1 Coat Hanger
1 Paper Clip
1 Crystal
Heat Source

Keep in mind solder is a bonding material and not so much a filling material. So it can tricky to work with. Also, solder is softer the steel so it will file off faster.

Step 1: Strip a Coat Hanger

Use sand paper to remove any coating on a section of coat hanger. To help speed up the process I spun a piece in my drill press.

CAUTION! If you do it this make sure to hold the wire before you turn the drill on. Otherwise the section of wire will turn into a whip / weed wacker. Be careful and work within your experience.

Step 2: Make Rings

Use the size socket you want to make rings. I used a 5mm. Make a smaller ring for the shaft. Then use a paper clip to make two more shaft rings. The amount of rings or spirals is up to you. Have fun with it.

File the free ends of the paper clip rings so the close with a nice fit.

Step 3: Solder

Arrange the rings for your handle.

Apply flux to the areas where you want the solder to bond. Use a heat source to solder.

 It may take a few applications.

Step 4: Make the Blade

Hammer a section of wire flat. To do this you have to hit the wire squarely. It you hammer off center the wire will hook to the right or left.

Cut three pieces and solder them together. File the pieces to remove tool marks.

Step 5: Finish the Soldering

Slip on the base ring. I uses a spiral of three wraps and filed the ends flat. Also position the paper clip rings and use a tiny amount of solder to hold those in place too.

Lay the key flat and but the blade up against the shaft. Solder it on. Be careful no to use too much heat or the soldered blades will come apart.

Clean up the excess solder. I used a combination of a rotary tool bit, a file, and sand paper. Polish with polishing compound and a buffing wheel.

Step 6: Apply a Crystal

I got this crystal from the craft store. Twenty-four of them cost me $5.00. Use super glue to set the stone on the bow (handle) of the key.

Make a ring so that is fits securely around the crystal and glue that in place too.

Polish off any excess glue.

Use it as a:
Key chain
Book mark (tie a ribbon on it)
Zipper pull

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