Introduction: Skeleton Stripper

Living in Las Vegas, I wanted a Halloween yard display that was different then the usual Pumpkins and inflatable lawn ornament, but also wanted it to be Vegas Style and the idea of the Pole Dancer Skeleton was born.

Step 1: Things... and Things

Nothing hard to find here, Target and Salvation Army were my sources,

Target link for skeletons

The hair, beads, shoes, etc all picked up on the cheap at Goodwill / Salvation Army.

Step 2: Sexy Skelly

Using black zip ties, I attached her to my outdoor light post, using them on her hand as well for additional support. The hair, beads, and some of the arm joints I hot glued, so wind won't shift them around.

I made sure to use a lot of hot glue on her skull and hairpiece because her hair will be blown around by the wind here. The wig is a child's Disney wig.

Step 3: Makin It...

I decided to buy one of the 'flame' LED light bulbs and replace the normal lamp with it, to give it just that right amount of creepy spook!

Step 4: The Finished Product

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