Introduction: Skirt (peddicoat Part)

This is going to be a frame for a pedi coat at first. It is going worn under a dress that I am making. I’m going to link the other instructables showing how I made the whole dress.


Cardboard, ribbon, hot glue, elastic/fabric strip, sewing machine

Step 1: Plan

Before you start it’s good to plan stuff out.

Step 2: Measure

Get stretchy elastic or fabric to go around the waist. Wrap the fabric strip/ elastic around waist and cut. Then get some ribbon and measure how long you want it. Make 8 of them. Then you got your materials.

Step 3: Pin

Pin the ribbon to the elastic. So you know where to sew it.

Step 4: Sew

Now you sew them on. Either by hand or sewing machine.

Step 5: Cut Cardboard

Make it as wide as the end of the ruler and about 50 inches long (for the bottom piece). The rest you subtract a few inches until it looks right.

Step 6: Ring It

Hot glue it together to make rings.

Step 7: Pin, Glue, Done

You can use strait pins to hold them up. Then just hot glue it on.