Introduction: Skirt

This is going to be about sewing a skirt to go over the peddicoat. Here is the link for peddicoat tutorial:


Paper, pins, fabric, sewing machine, pencil, erasers, measuring tape, connector thing (like zippers or buttons. Etr)

Step 1: Plan

Measure your hip and divide it into 4 for example waist 40 cm decide into 4 you got 10 then measure your length. Then lay down paper.

Step 2: Create Pattern

Alright so right here I labeled my pattern. I got the measurements down. For some reason I decided to fold the paper. I don’t know why I did that but i did. Just know you don’t need to fold it. Use the corner of the paper to do it. Use your divided number to get the width at the top. Then go down for the length. (Always waist first so you get an accurate length). Keep the tape strait on the lengths. If they start lagging to the side it will screw up your length.

Step 3: Prepare Pattern

Get you fabric. Get top of it. Fold bad side over good about and inch past the patterns length. Put it in the corner. Make sure the pattern is not chilling of the side. Get it to fit.

Step 4: Pin

Pin the fabric on the fabric.

Step 5: Cut It Out.

Cut it out and repeat 4 times.

Step 6: Sew

Sew the pieces together but not completely. Leave a side open.

Step 7: Hem

Hem all the sides. Do a double fold so the rough edges are on the inside.

Step 8: Back Connector

So this is the important part. This gets your dress on and off.

Step 9: Add One of the Connected Thing

Get the connector thing like zippers or buttons and such. Sew Them on there. I used those clicker things that connects together. If you use stuff like buttons do about 3 rows at least.

Step 10: Done

You are finished. You can add more to it if you want like more flowers and stuff but that’s how you make a skirt.

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