Introduction: Skull Bandsaw Box With Out a Bandsaw

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I wanted to make a bandsaw box but dont have a bandsaw. so i made a bandsaw box using my CNC, this method could also be made using a scroll saw, jigsaw, coping saw or a bandsaw "wait, what ?!?!"

if your unfamiliar what a bandsaw box is then read below

"The primary technique starts by cutting the main shape of the box. Then a 1/8" to 1/4" piece of wood is cut off what is to become the back. The drawer shape is cut within the main shape, which involves cutting through the main body, and the body must be glued back together. Once the drawer shape is cut, the usual technique is to remove 1/8" to 1/4" of material from both the front and rear of the drawer shape to be used as faces. The remaining stock is then reduced or hollowed out to produce a drawer or cavity. The front and rear drawer faces are glued back to the remaining hollowed drawer stock, and the back that was cut off is glued to the main body. A handle can be added to the front of the drawer if desired."

Ref wikipedia

Step 1: Design and Plan

The picture show my design i made. this was made on easel the free inventables software for CNC.

but the similar thing could be done by other programs or even pencil and paper if your gonna use a coping saw etc. once you make your design the bits will be cut out on sheet material like ply wood and glued together to form the pieces the draw and the case of the box.

Step 2: Cutting

In this photo you can see the pieces being cut out on the CNC but as said before this could be easily done with other tools like coping saw, scroll saw, jig saw or evan a hand held router.

Step 3: Clean Up and Sanding

Because i used a CNC i had to cut the tabs off and sand all the edges and surface. if using other tools like the coping saw you may have to sand up to the lines on the plans and clean up the edges.

Step 4: Glue Up

on this picture you can see the middle section of the draws being glued together the back side and front side will also be glued on. its best to take your time to line up the piece for the best results.

like the draw the case of the box will also be glued up in but it will only have a back side. there isnt a front side because that is where the draw will slide in.

Step 5: Still Gluing and Sanding

In this picture you can see the front and back of the draw being glued on and clamped. after the glue has dried the clamps are removed and every thing is sanded to make each of the layers are flush this is why when gluing up its best to line up the sections so that there wont be much sanding to do. at this point you can also use files, sanders, dremels etc to carve some details and shape in to the box. I used a belt sand to flatten a section on the bottom so the box would learn slight back.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

to finish it of i used some clear spray varnish colored and in the eyes with a black pen and glued on some googly eyes with hot glue. but depending on your design there is many options you could do for the finish..

Step 7: Finished

here are some pictures of my finished skull bandsaw box with out a bandsaw. if you use some food safe finish you can store some sweets to hand out on Halloween or even present a special gift to the special person in your life. if anyone take inspiration from this i would love to see them leave me a comment..

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