Slime! Melted Snowman Slime!!

Introduction: Slime! Melted Snowman Slime!!

Want to build a snowman? Love slime? Well this is a perfect instructable for you!

Step 1: Prepare Ahead

We made a top hat, charcoal eyes, charcoal teeth, and a carrot nose ahead of time with foam board. Foam board was purchased from Dollar Store. We also had the Borax solution mixed ahead of time. We mixed 2 tablespoons of Borax with 2L of warm water.

Step 2: Materials

Materials - 4 oz bottle glue, Borax Solution, Bowl, Snowman Body Parts, Craft Stick, Warm water

Step 3: Glue

Empty 4 oz glue bottle into bowl.

Step 4: Water

Add water to glue container

Step 5: Mix

Gently add that water from glue container into the bowl of glue

Step 6: Stir

Stir and mix well

Step 7: Repeat


  1. Add water to empty 4 oz bottle
  2. Add that water to bowl
  3. Mix well

Step 8: Parts 1 to 2

You will have 4 oz glue and 8 oz water in the mixing bowl.

Step 9: 2 Oz Solution

Pour Borax solution into 2 oz cup

Step 10: Adding Borax Solution

Slowly add the 2 oz of borax solution to bowl of glue and water mixture stirring with a craft stick.

Step 11: Slime?

A slime should form

Step 12: Wash and Remove

Wash hands to keep dirt and germs out of your slime.

Remove from bowl.

Step 13: Gets Better

Slime will get less slimy after using it for a few minutes
Add snowman parts

Step 14: Enjoy

Have fun playing with your melted snowman slime!

Step 15: Slime - Melted Snowman Slime!

Watch the video to see it all happen in real time.

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