Introduction: Small Colorful Pallet Wood Table

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Hello I made this table from pallet wood. and under suggestion of my wife i added some color that i love. the color also the wife :) It's made with simple methods, just pocket hole screws and glue.

you could make this with using only a drill and circular saw with a straight edge. actual you could make this with just a handsaw and screwdriver, its of a rustic design so any defects just add character.

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Step 1: Process the Pallet

I started by processing the pallets, i removed the boards and any nails. a metal detector/stud finder comes in handy here if your gonna use a power saw to cut up the boards. im collecting all those rusty nail. im thinking that resin is gonna be involved for that project.

Step 2: Paint

Quick paint job with some colors of your choose. you only need a light coat if you want to get a rustic look.

Step 3: Jointing the Wood

I used a simple home made jig on my simple home made table saw. this just gives a clean edge to glue up the wood.. if you want to go super rustic you could skip this step.

Step 4: Ripping to Size

I used the fence on the table saw to rip the wood to the desired sizes. i didn't have any plane for the table, I was just making it up as i went along.

Step 5: Table Top Center

I glued up the table top and once the glue dried i went back to the table saw to square everything up.

Step 6: Table Top Outer Frame

using miter cuts at 45 degrees i made a simple frame that the table top center will fit in and a smaller frame section that goes under that that the legs will attach to also

Step 7: Making the Legs

Nothing fancy here. Pocket hole screws to hold two bit of wood at 90 degrees to each other.

Step 8: Attaching the Legs

Just glue it and screw it. :)

Step 9: Bottom Shelf

i attached for bits of wood between the legs then nailed on some planks of wood to make a small shelf below. i wasn't original gonna put this but I think it need a bit more support to make it stronger. so far it has held up up to a 4 and 6 year old boys.

Step 10: Finished

And its finished

I sanded several times during the build as it can be difficult to do it when its finally assembled. also i added a coat of wax to give it a bit of protection.

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