Introduction: Smart Phone Stand From Scrapped Wooden Flooring

Hi All,

Smart phones have become part of our lives. We can get even a heart attach if the phone falls and gets damaged. Surely I feel that i am changing phones every year not because technology has moved forward, but I damage the screen by some random act of my carelessness....

We do not have a side table next to our bed, and my wife would place her smartphone on the ground to charge overnight. Then she would read on ipad, till she sleeps.... in morning it becomes a land mine of gadgets. And I have to be very cautious for the morning visit to the toilet...

It scared me that I will damage them and have to buy new......... Which i cannot afford.. And if I try to talk to my wife, she gave me the stare, "why can't you be careful " ... " You always drop your phone and you are talking to me ..."

I needed a mobile / ipad stand for hang them near her bedside and she could leave them overnight charging too...

In this instructable, I will share how I made a simple and handy "Smart Phone Stand" using scrapped wooden flooring

Step 1: What Do You Need ?


  • Wooden flooring plank ( 8 mm thickness)
  • Screws


  • Hacksaw
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling Machine
  • 2 mm and 10 mm drill bits

Why Scrapped wooden floor ? because I have many such planks lying around

Step 2: The Box

  • Cut Wooden pieces
    • 90 mm X 70 mm - two pieces
    • 35 mm X 70 mm - two pieces
    • 35 mm x 110 mm - one piece
  • Drill 2 mm holes on the sides and then joint them to make a box
  • I drill holes to avoid, wood splitting and easy to drive a screw
  • I have laminates on two sides so I cannot use wood glue
  • Drill a 40 mm hole on one of the sides
  • To pass the charging cable, we need a hole at the bottom side
  • Drill a 15 mm hole, Since I did not have a 15 mm bit, i used a 10 mm drill bit and then knife to expand it to 15 mm

Step 3: Finishing

  • Sand the edges to make them smooth
  • I painted the sides with a brown acrylic paint
  • Hang the stand on the wall using double side tape or a nail
  • Leave it to charge your smart phone ..

And never worry about damaging your phone

Please share your comments and suggestions