Smart Switch (using BOLT IOT)

Introduction: Smart Switch (using BOLT IOT)

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"Smart Switch" is an intelligent electrical switch monitoring system. It is a simple concept that makes use of a switch, proximity sensor, LED and BOLT IOT.

It often happens that we leave a room or our house without turning off some electric appliance- a light, a fan, or worse- an iron or water heater. What if we could get notified when we leave an appliance turned on? By using the concept of Smart Switch this could be possible.

The Smart Switch webpage can assist us in keeping tabs on the appliance or switch and it's connection state. The webpage could be accessed by our laptops and even our mobile phones.

By integrating Smart Switches in our homes, we could reduce electricity wastage, consume power and avoid household disasters.

Below is the prototype for one switch but this concept could be further extended for more appliances and switches.

Step 1: Components Required

1. Proximity sensor

2. Switch


4. LED

Step 2:

Adjust the proximity sensor at a suitable distance from the switch.

You could place the proximity sensor either above or below the switch, but alter the code accordingly. Here, I have places the proximity sensor above the switch.

Step 3: Make the Following Connections

  1. Vcc pin of the proximity sensor to Vcc pin on BOLT IOT
  2. Ground pin of the proximity sensor to ground pin on BOLT IOT
  3. Output pin of the proximity sensor to any digital pin on BOLT IOT
    (Here, I have connected the output pin of the proximity sensor to pin 1 on BOLT IOT)
  4. An LED is connected at pin 5 on BOLT to verify the working.

Step 4:

Upload the code onto BOLT IOT.

Step 5:

Verify the working of the prototype model by turning ON and turning OFF the switch and checking the output on the webpage.

Step 6: Video Demonstration

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    Jayanthi Reddy
    Jayanthi Reddy

    4 years ago


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    Interesting. I had never heard of BOLT before. I am going to have to look into this.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you! :D