Introduction: Smokey Eyeliner

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I like to wear makeup but I like to keep it natural. This smokey eyeliner is perfect for when you want to look good but not like you're heading to a party.

Step 1: We'll Use..

Black pencil eyeliner

Medium size eyeshadow brush

Step 2: Eyeliner

Draw a line in your upper lid right above the eyelashes. I like to do it by holding my eye closed with the other hand but if you can do it without doing this it's better.

Step 3: Blend

Press the tip of your eyeshadow brush with your thumb and index finger to make it thinner. Pass it all over the line we drew before to make it look more like a shadow and less like a line. Take your fingers off the tip of your brush and blend just the outer edge of your eyeliner to make it higher and more smokey.

This will make it have that ombre kind of look.

Step 4: Lower Lid

Press the tip of your brush again and put it along the lower lash line. This will leave a very subtle shade.

Your smokey eyeliner is ready! Your eyes will stand out beautifully and you'll love it when you see yourself in the mirror. I like to wear this kind of eyeliner with red lips.

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