Introduction: Snack Hat

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The Snack Hat is a fun way to serve food. This hat can be customized to fit specific occasions. If you wear this, they will come!


1 piece of foam board ( 12" x 12")

1 piece white poster board (26" x 4")

1 foam pool noodle

24 small paper cups (2 oz.)

washi tape (assorted rolls)

flatback rhinestones

serrated knife

scotch tape



black marker


paper edgers scissors (I used corkscrew design)

mini glue gun and glue sticks

small snacks ( nuts, berries, candy, etc.)

Step 1: Making Top of Hat

Measure a 12" x 12" square of foam board and cut. This will be the top of the hat.

Using a marker, round the edges as shown and cut.

Step 2: Decorate the Hat

Use assorted rolls of washi tape to decorate the top of the hat. (Note : Refrain from using acrylic paint as the paint will warp the foam board.)

Flip the top over and decorate the other side.

Step 3: Making the Hat Band

Cut a 26" x 4" piece of poster board.

Cut 1" triangular-shaped notches along one long side of poster board.

Using paper edgers scissors, cut a decorative pattern along the other long side of poster board (as shown).

Step 4: Decorate Hat Band

Decorate the hat band using washi tape.

Glue flat back rhinestones in place with a mini glue gun.

Step 5: Sizing Hat Band

At the forehead, wrap the hat band around the head. It should feel comfortable and secure. Using a piece of tape, temporarily tape the two short ends together.

Slightly overlap the two ends, and firmly staple in place. Cut off excess poster board if needed.

Step 6: Attaching Hat Band to Hat Top

Bend the triangular notches of the hat band toward the center of the hat band.

Put glue onto all the notches, flip the hat band over, and center it to the underside of the square hat top.

Press each notch in place, gluing it securely to the hat top.

Step 7: Cutting Foam Pool Noodle

Using a serrated knife, cut 12 various sizes of foam pool noodle. (The longest piece is 4 1/2" and shortest piece is 1").

Arrange the foam noodle pieces into a pleasing pattern, leaving some space between each piece.

Step 8: Decorate Foam Pieces and Glue

Wrap washi tape around the foam pieces.

With the mini glue gun, glue one end of each foam piece and secure it to the top of the square hat.

Step 9: Glue Paper Cups

Put glue on the bottom of a cup and glue it on top of the foam piece. Repeat until all 12 foam pieces have a cup.

Step 10: Preparing Snack Cups

Fill the 12 remaining cups with tasty snacks.

Place snack-filled cups into the existing cups on top of the foam pieces.

(The snack cups are easily removed and more snack cups can be prepared in advance for quick refills.)

Step 11: Serve!

Carry the snack hat to a chair and sit down.

Then put on the snack hat and watch the fun begin!

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