Introduction: Sneaky Receptacle Hiding Spot.

This is my first instrucable, so go easy.

I am a contractor by trade, and one day as I was replacing a receptacle and found a drill bit in the box. I thought it would be a great hiding spot.

You don't need many tools for this either, which makes this even more handy.

Step 1: Marking the Walls and Cutting.

The next step is to locate a stud.

You can use a stud finder or you can look for nail pops like in the picture.

Once you have located that, you need to mark and cut out the drywall for the box to fit.

Trace around the box, to get an accurate measurement, and then cut out a hole .

Step 2: Attaching the Box.

Once the drywall has been removed, push the box in and attach it to the stud.

I had some drywall screw lying around and so used those. Those don't matter too much.

Once secured, put in any small valuables that need to be hidden from prying eyes. This is great for credit cards, cash or jewellery.

I have my monopoly stash in there with my wifes' bracelet.

Step 3: Finish.

You can then install the plug with cover plate or a blank plate for a little more space.

You don't have to worry about any electricity since this is a blank.

I thank you for reading, and if you like it please vote for it for the hidden contest.


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