Introduction: Out of the Box Minecraft Steve Apple Watch Charger

I was perusing Instructables and came across the cardboard contest.

My son loves Minecraft and I thought this would be a great contest to do with him to teach him about using basic tools and to create something he could be proud of. Also he could keep it next to his bed and charge his Apple watch at the same time.

I did use a sharp utility knife and superglue, which needless to say, could be used carelessly and should only be used by an adult.

Step 1: Basic Assembly

I had a few cardboard boxes lying around which we cut and glued into a basic Steve shape.

He had to show me what that looked like, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Step 2: The Fun Part.

He then had to do it the old fashioned way, no photoshop here, and coloured it in.

Step 3: Adding the Charger.

I traced around the charger and cut a hole a little smaller than it. This created a snug fit.

I also just used a drop of glue to make sure it didn't fall into his arm, but that wasn't going to create a mess when we decide to take it out.

Since his arms are hollow it made this step pretty easy and we just ran it out his back straight to the wall.

Step 4:

We then assembled him and glued all the pieces together.

I plugged him in and grabbed a watch to make sure everything worked.

We had to make sure Steve could tell the time for his next adventure.

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