Introduction: Snow Flake Decoration

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Christmas is over but the real winter is still to come and there's still time for winter decoration. I will show you how to make these cute snow flakes using hot glue and glitter. Bigger kids can help you even with the glue, smaller ones can go crazy with the glitter.


- glue gun

- silver glitter

- baking paper

- thread/lace etc.

- scissors

tavicí pistole s lepidlemtřpytkypapír na pečeníšňůrkanůžkytužka

Step 1: Create the Snow Flake

Draw the flake you want to make on the baking paper. (picture 1)

Trace the lines with the hot glue. After you "draw" each line with the glue, sprinkle glitter on it while the glue is still hot. (picture 2)

Blow away the extra glitter. (picture 3)

Continue drawing the rest of your snow flake and decorating it with glitter until it's done. (pictures 4 and 5)

When the glue cools down, peel off the snow flake and cut off all the excess glue (the glue tends to leave tiny thin "hair"). (picture 6)

Step 2: Attaching Thread to Snowflakes + Making Flat Side Round

If you want to hang the snow flake, create a loop with the thread and glue its ends at the back of the flake. You can also connect two or more snow flakes with a thread. (picture 7)

While you still have the snow flake flat side up, cover this flat side again with hot glue and glitter to make both sides nice and round. Again, cut off the excess glue. (picture 8)

Hang the snow flake(s) and enjoy the view!

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