Introduction: Snow Mason Jar (snow Globe in a Mason Jar)

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I like snow globes. I started collecting them about a year ago. I wanted one with what I want in it, so I found a mason jar and got to work. For this jar I used army men but I am going to use a Lego guy in my next one. you can really use any thing that is okay to get wet. Now lets make a snow mason jar!


  • Distilled water, About 80 cents at Walmart
  • glycerin, about $4 at Walmart
  • glitter or fake snow, any craft store
  • mason jar, any craft store and most grocery stores
  • decorations, I used army men but you use whatever you want. Though you might want whatever you use to be water proof. :)
  • super glue (not in pic), any craft store

Note- I know that glycerin sounds hard to find and it can be, but I found it at Walmart in the men's health department, it was in Isle G 10 (Isle probably differs from store to store). I hope this helped you find glycerin and spared you a 45-60 minute search like mine. Good luck!

Step 1: The Lid (bottom)

Lets start with the decorations.

First you organize your decorations on the bottom of the jar lid. I would recommend taking the flat out of the ring of the lid, this will make it easier to organize small decorations where you want them on the lid. Once you have them organized how you want them, I would suggest you place the jar over the lid to make sure they will fit without getting pushed around by the sides of the jar. Then you will use super glue to glue them down. Unless, you want your decor to float around the jar, then you would skip this step and just plop them in with the glitter.

After you have glued your decorations into position you glue the flat part of the lid to the ring. To do this you put super glue all around the bottom, inside of the ring. Now you put your lid flat, with your glued-on decor, into the ring and press all around the outer ring of the inside (I hope that makes sense) to make sure the glue has grabbed both sections of the lid.

Now you are ready for the jar itself.

Step 2: The Jar

Now for the jar.

First pour some glitter into the jar. I used enough to completely cover the bottom of the jar, but it was a bit too much for my preferences. So just use how much seems right to you.

After the glitter then add the Distilled water. I started by filling the jar up until it was about 3/4 full. You can use regular water from a sink faucet but the distilled water prevents condensation and fogging on the jar, So I recommend spending about $1 at you local grocery store (I got 1 gallon for 80 cents at Walmart).

For the glycerin you need to add about 1 1/2 US tablespoons. The glycerin makes the glitter fall slower through the water.

Step 3: Finish

And now, to finish...

Now you flip the lid over and screw it on as tight as you can and then a bit more. Now you can go to a sink and shake it, shake it, and shake it. Flip it over and watch as the glitter floats down to the bottom. If there is a air pocket on top then you can unscrew it and add more water. Continue to add water, close and test and add more water until the bubble is small enough for you.

Now you have your own homemade, original mason jar copy-cat snow globe!

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