Introduction: Snow Plow for the FPV Rover

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Winter is coming. So the FPV Rover needs a Snow Plow to ensure a clean pavement.

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Step 1: Parts to Print

All parts are printed in PLA, except the shovel. This is printed in PETG.

1x base plate

2x bearing mount

1x body

1x plow left

1x plow right

2x servo arm extension

1x servo pivot

1x servo mount

1x servo pivot

2x shovel mount

1x top mount

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Step 3: Assemble the Shovel

Print left and right part of the shovel und glue them together. Use a 3mm x 6mm rod for stiffness.

Step 4: Assemble Main Part

Assemble the main part of the snow plow.

Step 5: Servo Arm Extension

For this part you have to cut the head off of the M2 x 12mm screws.

Step 6: Top Servo

Before you attach the top servo to the servo mount, this part has to be screwed to the body first.

Step 7: Assemble Rest

Step 8: Attach Snow Plow to the Top Part of the Rover