Introduction: Soda Can Bow

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Hey everybody it's momo and today I'm going to do a super cute ring! Don't forget to vote <3

Step 1: Supplies

1- any soda can
2- scissors
3- template shown below

Step 2: Print

So first you want to print out the template I have shown here

Step 3: Then Cut

Cut out the pieces on the paper and then trace it on the soda can

Step 4: Bend It

Bend the pieces into the proper shape. It's pretty self explanatory

Step 5: Make the Ring

Make a double ring or just a single one out of an extra strip of the soda can

Step 6: Finish!

I hope you guys like this tutorial. Sell it, gift it, wear it, decorate it!

Step 7: Request What You Want Next

Whatever you request and anything you request I'll do. EVERYTHING REQUESTED WILL BE MADE! Love you guys and if you haven't already follow me here and on Pinterest {found in my bio}

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