Introduction: Soda Can Tab Bracelet

Along my jewelry making adventure I found this great idea to make a soda can tab bracelet out of (of course) soda can tabs and twine!

Step 1: Weave Through Top Half of Soda Tabs

I started my bracelet by cutting 3 12" pieces of twine and weaved them through the row of soda tabs.

It is important to weave into the back of the first tab and then the front of the second tab, repeating until the end.

Step 2: Weave Through Bottom Half of Soda Tabs

After the top half was woven, I wove 3 pieces of 12" twine through the bottom half of the soda tabs. The trick the the bottom weave is to make sure the weave is woven the opposite way of the top weave, securing the soda tabs in place.

Remember to knot one end of the 6 pieces of twine together at one end to keep the twine on the same side.

Weave through the bottom half of all of the soda tabs and then knot the twine on the opposite side

Step 3: Add Loop to One End

I used some of the extra twine off the knot to create a loop at the end and create a fastener for the bracelet. The knot on the opposite end will secure through the loop and keep the bracelet on the wrist.

After making the loop I trimmed all the excess twine from the bracelet.

Step 4: Wear

Now my soda tab bracelet was ready to wear. This was not my favorite jewelry creation in my experiment. I think if I did it again I would weave the pop tabs closer together so I not only got the woven affect but also the layering affect of the silver.