Introduction: Soda Pop Tab Bracelet

About: I just want to make others more aware of the things we can do by recycling and find projects that every1 would like.

Collect soda can tabs (about 22 to 26) Loop a cord through your first soda can tab so that the tab is in the middle. Put another tab underneath the first 1 (so that its overlapping) and bring the cord up through the second tab. Make sure the sharp side is facing the sharp side. Place your next tab next to the first 1. Cross the two ends of cord over each other to form an "x" that will hold the third one on. place your fourth tab under the 3rd one and pull the cord through the fourth 1 and continue this process until you have used all of the soda pop can tabs. to finish tie the end with the extra cord in a knot. You will use this side to loop through the other end so you can fasten it together. Try experimenting with different color tabs, ribbons or even add some beads! This is a great addition to your style and can be wore with almost anything  depending on the color of the cord you use.