Introduction: Sombra Machine Pistol From Overwatch

I'm totally addicted at the Overwatch game and a big lover of the weapon inside the game, so I decided to make Sombra Machine Pistol.

I will leave here a full list of all the product that I used for this project:

Step 1: Make the Design Using Fusion 360

This 3D model was completely done on my Twitch channel using Fusion 360, I started tracing the Pistol from the Blueprint that Svetlana from KamuiCosplay provide me.

After I traced most of the parts I started to extrude them and add all the details trying to replicate perfectly the model from the videogames, this took me a good amount of hours but I was really happy with the final result of the model.

Step 2: 3D Printing the Prop

I loaded the parts in Simplifly 3D and I decided to use a 0.1 and 0.15 layer height with 20-25% infill. I pick this layer resolution to speed up the post-processing later, in particular the sanding step even if that will require more time for printing each parts. If you will use a 0.2 layer height it will take around 22 hours to print all the parts.

I loaded on my Ultimaker 2+ the new rPLA Reform Filament from Formfutura(this filament is pretty amazing print really easily is cheaper and is 100% recycled filament and have cardboard spools) I printed the strip on the side with FilaFlex so it will be flexible and it will not break if I need to ship the prop.

Step 3: First Round of Sanding

First step is sanding with a 80 grit sandpaper, this will help to remove and smooth the layers on each part, take your time and try to sand well all the parts. When you are happy with the result clean each individual piece to avoid to have some dust on it.

Step 4: Filler Primer

Now we will use a Filler Primer that will make sure to fill all the little imperfection, all the time that you will use a spray can of paint you will need to have a respirator and if possible gloves.

I give 2 coat of the Primer on each piece and make sure to let it dry well before proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Wet Sanding

When is all dry perfectly I took a tray fill it with some water and proceed to wet sanding everything with a 240 grit sandpaper again take enough time to make sure that all the parts feel really smooth. This Process can require a lot of time I think a did over 20-25 hours of sanding and wet sanding to be sure that I was happy with the surface quality.

Step 6: Assembly the Middle Part of the Pistol and Hide the Gaps

After all the parts are dry I decided to put together the main body of the Pistol I used some super Glue and Epoxy for this purpose and I let dry the glue for 15-20 minutes. I designed this Gun to be able to spend less time possible on filling gaps indeed you will only need to fill a gap in the central of this parts. I used in particular a product called Milliput This epoxy putty is simple to use and become hard in 2-3 hours so you are able to sand it and cover the gaps perfectly.

Step 7: Primer

Finally is time to paint! I used a grey Primer and I give 2 coat of it to all my parts make sure that your space is clean and you don’t have dust around or it could mess up your surface quality and you should probably go back on sanding them!

Step 8: Paint

I decide to 3D design and 3D print a spinner table so it will make more easy to paint each part using the airbrush. First color that I picked was black this color it will be applied on all the piece that of course need to be black but too on all the parts that will be painted with the Gun metal Acrylic. I let dry the black and proceed to paint all the part that will require a gun metal color make sure to mask with masking tape all the parts that don’t need to be painted now and make sure to remove the tape later when everything is really well dry to avoid to pull with the tape some of the paint. Next color was Ultramarine Blue for the front and back parts and then some small parts using a Royal Purple and a gold paint.

Step 9: Assemble All the Parts

Now that everything is painted properly we need to assemble everything always using some Super Glue and Epoxy, I proceed step by step starting to put together only some of the piece and let the glue dry for at least 20 minute, this step can require at least 1-2 hours but it will make the prop really solid and strong if well done.

Step 10: Vinyl Sticker + Varnish

Is almost ready... we need to add some little more detail to make it more realistic, for this reason I decided to commission on a local shop to make me some white vinyl sticker of the logo and text that you can find on the back blue part and this little detail make the gun looks really amazing! To seal all the prop I used some nice Varnish that will protect the paint and the stickers.

Step 11: Photos of the Pistol

Last step is to take some amazing picture of your final creation! I'm really happy how the model prop come out! If you want to print one of it I share all my 3D design on my Patreon: