Introduction: Spectacular Spectra Dust

This is a cheap Fun and Easy Instructable to download for the next rainbow powder event near you. If there is no such thing in your part of the world, well get onnit!

Step 1: Equipment List

Magic Bullet or Food Processor

8x Bowls

8x Take Away tubs, bottles, dry, sealable containers of some sort to store your rainbow powders in

Measuring Cups

Funnel (if pouring into test tubes, bottles etc)


Cornflour x2 1kg packets

Rainbow Food Colour 3-4 packets of 7ml drop control vials of RED GLUE GREEN YELLOW

The more you use the stronger the colours will be

Food Colour Blending Chart

Pink Food Colour Optional. I needed a colour pink in my spectrum and found it easier for mixing purple.

Step 2: Step 2: Mixing Newtonian Goop

Place 1 Cup of cornflour into a bowl

Fill a 1/2 cup with warm tap water and put to the side, ready to pour.

Gradually stir water into cornflour, starting with no more than a 1/3 of a cup.

Add the dye. For best and boldest colour, use at least one whole container.

Stir in dye and if it is still needed add more water.

The consistency of the cornflour should become newtownian, it will be difficult to mix in the colour, stirring will be stiff but still churnable. When you lift the fork it will appear like a paste that tapers into a drip. Too much water will be easy and effortless to stir, runny and I found results in a slightly less saturated colour.

Repeat the Process for each colour :


When mixing colours there should be a guide for you on the packet of your chosen brand of food dye. I followed this guide for mixing pink and indigo and found it to be a flat dull and difficult colour to create so I bought the food colour Pink especially, and mixed it with blue to create purple.

If you do not have a mixing guide at all I have uploaded an image of a Blending Chart as a rough but not necessarily accurate to every brand of dye, reference.

Step 3: Step 3 Leave It High and Dry. BLITZ IT

Dry out the mixture.

Place it up high somewhere dry for several days, such as a cupboard or wardrobe.

If your mix was made too watery this will take a little bit longer and you may find you have to pour away some of the excess moisture to help the process along.

(As a hot tip, I kept the excess liquid and used it to dye the hair of a violin bow and or add to the next batch, something to think about.)

You will know the mixture is dry when it starts to harden and crack (see above image)

Carefully scoop out the mix and sift or pour it into mixer, and blitz it until it is smooth and loose powder. Sift any remaining clumps out as you pour the mix into it’s dry and clean storage container.

Step 4: Step 4: COMMENCE BATTLE!

Join in the next Colour Powder event in your local community or for hot tips on hosting a rainbow powder fight get googling!

This is a versatile substance that can be used in many creative ways. I made this batch for experimenting with Cymatics and DIY powder air cannons and high speed photography, but you are free to could come up with well, ANYTHING!