Introduction: Spider Man Web-Shooter With Paper

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Take a paper and cut it in the shape of a strip, and again cut a paper in diamond shape and stick it on the middle of the strip.
Take another two papers and keep it on one another and just roll it, take out the inner paper and fold it in 1/4 size, put a rubber band and put that roll again inside the big one. And stick them in between the diamond shaped paper.


1 Paper
2 Fevicol
3 Sticky Tape
4 Rubber band
5 Thread

Step 1: Working on Main Job

Now stick a thread piece corner behind the strip and the other corner on a pen's half cut refiel.
Now, just stick the rubber band in front of the shooter and put the refiel inside the roll.
Wear it on your wrist and stick it by sticky tape.
Now, just pull the inner paper roll and leave it and then see what happens!
Thank you.

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