Introduction: Spin Anything

Do you love to spin your fidget spinner, and you are collecting different shapes because they are so cool?

You are even making your own shapes, different then those you can buy, but what if you could actually spin anything?!

With this project, you can literally take any object and spin it!

I called it "AnySpinner" and you can download the .stl file for making it here

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Step 1: Material

For this instructable, all you need is:

1) to print the file that you can find here

2) 2 bearings

3) 2 small elastic bands so that the spinning pads stay attached to your fingers. I made the elastic bands out of one bigger one, making a couple of knots and separating it with scissors.

Step 2: Mounting Instructions and Use It

1) Mount the spinning plates together with the bearings

2) Put the rubber band around the pins

3) Wear the spinning plates on your index finger and thumb

Step 3: Use It!!!

It is now time to try to spin any object!!! Enjoy the challenge!!! :)

NOTE: this is a very first prototype version, and as such I already spotted some recommendation to make :) You will notice that spinning will not be super easy, as you need to train keeping the axis of rotation of the two spinning pads very much aligned. The recommendation is to keep attention to the alignment of the axis of rotation of the spinning pads. If they are not aligned properly, you will experience a "spring" effect and the spinning will not be smooth as in the standard fidget spinners.

NOTE2: if you want a more "standard" fidget spinner, you can still reuse the spinning pads and 3D print any object, making sure that the spinning pads have clear fixtures for the pads, on your object, so that you enforce the alignments of the axis of rotation of the pads. This way, you should experience the same effect as in regular fidget spinners, except that you do not need to place a bearing anymore :)