Introduction: Spinning Deathly Hallows Necklace

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So I never realized that the Deathly Hallows necklace spun until I saw the movie it was in (I don't know if it was mentioned in the books) and started forming ideas to "make it my own"
The ideas stayed in my head for about a month until I had the free time to try to create it.
And voilà!

Step 1: What's Needed

1. Thick wire
2. Thinner wire
3. Small beads (no specific color, they just have to be tiny)
4. Pliers (forgot to show in pic)
5. Cork or cylinder object with diameter approximately 1 inch
6. Optional "resurrection" bead- basically a 1/4 inch black bead
7. Paint for the elder wand (to cover the beads)

Step 2: Invisibility Cloak Part 1

1. Start with the thicker wire and measure 7/8 inch from the end. Bend at approximately 60 degrees inward.
2. Starting from the bend, measure 1 3/4 in and bend again
3. Repeat step 2 so it is now a triangle
4. Measure 7/8 in (where the wire meets the beginning) and bend upward
5. Cut a little bit higher than the top of the triangle so you can bend it over

Step 3: Resurrection Stone

1. Bend the wire around the cylinder so it is a complete circle
2. Bend at any location along the circle
3. Bend back so there is a small indentation in the circle
4. Do the same on the opposite side of the circle
5. Make another circle, this time with the indentations in different places relative to the cut in the circle

Step 4: Wrapping the Stone

1. Take the thinner wire and wrap the two circles together (indentations lining up of course)
2. I decided after I started making the ring that I had a bead that could work as the stone so it is possible if not a bit tricky. To attach the bead: bend both circles outward so the bead will fit. String the bead on the thinner wire and continue wrapping on the other side (this can be frustrating; don't do it at the end of the wire like I did).

Step 5: The Elder Wand

Back to the triangle!
1. Put a small seed bead at the base of the elder wand
2. You don't have to wrap it up, I just did because I was worried the blue might show up through the paint I was planning on using (turns out it could have worked)
3. First put one side of the ring on, then the 4 tiny seed beads, then the other side of the ring on, then 2 (or whatever you can fit) more tiny beads
4. I glued the seed beads onto the elder wand and then wrapped some wire around them for good measure

Step 6: Invisibility Cloak Part 2

Now for the outside of the cloak
1. Make a loop (thick wire) at the end of the wire
2. Using your first triangle as a guide, make another triangle that is slightly bigger, so it can fit around it. Wrap the end around the base of the loop and cut off
3. Start wire wrapping! Start by wrapping around the outer triangle 4 times, then around both triangles twice, and keep repeating (in picture)

Step 7: Paint Elder Wand

Self-explanatory I hope!

I used black paint because it was closer to the real brown of the wand than the brown paint I had.
You don't have to paint it- looking back it wasn't really necessary.

Step 8: Put on Chain!

Put the pendant onto the chain.

Done! You have a Deathly Hallows spinning necklace!

Step 9: Conclusion

Some things I might have changed:
- made the ring smaller so it rotates better
- made the invisibility cloak more equilateral triangle-ish
- I'm ok with the black paint on the Elder wand, but I wish I had a dark brown instead

Overall, it's not perfect but it's good enough for me.

Hope you liked this Instructable!
If you made it I'd love to see!

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