Introduction: Split Moong Lentil Dal

- Split moong lentil dal is prepared using split moong lentils and dal goes well with rice.

- We do tempering in ghee which gives nice flavour to dal.


- 3/4 cup Split moong lentils

- One onion chopped

- One tomato chopped

- 3 garlic cloves

- 2 dry red chillies

- Half teaspoon garam masala powder

- Pinch of turmeric powder

-One teaspoon cumin and mustard seeds

- Half teaspoon split black gram

Step 1: Soak Split Moong Lentils in Water

-First take about 3/4cup split moong lentils and rinse under running water.Soak them in water for about half an hour

Step 2: Procedure for Dal

- Entire preparation should be done in pressure cooker. Take the cooker and add little oil in it.

- When oil is heated add chopped onions and saute for few minutes.Next add chopped garlic and dry red chillies.

Step 3: Add Tomatoes

-Add chopped tomatoes and give a mix.

Step 4: Add Soaked Moong Lentils and Water

-Next add soaked moong lentils and give a mix.Add 3 cups of water and pressure cook for 3 whistles.

Step 5: Add Salt to Cooked Dal

- Once dal is cooked allow pressure to release. cool dal and remove lid. Add salt as per taste.

- If dal is too thick add little water and adjust consistency

Step 6: Tempering for Dal

-Finally we need to tempering for dal. For this take little ghee in vessel and add Teaspoon cumin and mustard seeds.

-When they splutter add few curry leaves and dry red chillies.

- Even add half teaspoon garam masala powder and pinch of turmeric powder and switch off stove.

Step 7: Add Prepared Tempering to Cooked Dal

- Finally add prepared tempering to cooked dal and give a mix.

- Serve dal with hot rice.

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