Introduction: Spool Knit a Cool Lizard

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Lizards are cool.  Spool knitting is fun.  Spool knitting a lizard is cool and fun.  This Instructable will teach you how to make a spool knitting loom and how to use it to make a lizard.  Follow this Instructable, and you will have numerous cool spool knitted lizards in no time.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials you will need to make a spool knitting loom and a cool lizard:
  • 1  piece of 1-1.5 inch PVC pipe about 5 inches long
  • 5small paper clips
  • Tape
  • Optional:  Colored tape, markers, ect. for decorating
  • Yarn (of the color you want your cool lizard to be)
  • Apipe cleaner (of the color you want your cool lizard's legs to be)
  • 2  small cotton balls (of the color you want your cool lizard's eyes to be)
  • A small amount of black felt or construction paper
  • Some fabric glue
These are the tools you will need:
  • Scissors
  • A crochet hook
  • A very large sewing needle
If you already have a spool knitting loom, skip to step 5.

Step 2: Making a Spool Knitting Loom

Making a loom for spool knitting is easy and fast.  Plus, given that a homemade spool knitting loom can work just as well as a commercially available one, there is no reason you should not make your own.
First, cut the big sides off all five paper clips; save these and discard the small ends.  Take one of these U's and tape it to one end of the pipe so that the rounded part of the U protrudes between 1/4 and 3/8 inch above the top of the tube.  Then, tape the remaining four U's to the same end of the tube attempting to space them as evenly as possible. 

Step 3: Decorate the Spool Knitting Loom

Now you can add some serious style to your spool knitting loom!  That is unless you like the look of raw PVC and bunches of tape.  Be creative and decorate your spool knitting loom any way you want.  Keep in mind you will be holding this tool for many hours as your produce a vast army of cool lizards. 
I have attached an image of my design in case you need inspiration.

Step 4: How to Spool Knit

Spool knitting is quite easy once you get the hang of it.  Like most knitting techniques, once you are familiar with the movements involved, you can crank out a lot of work in a hurry. 
Since the process is a bit complicated to explain in text, I have created the video below to show you how to spool knit.  I am right handed so I use the right handed method of spool knitting.  If you are left handed either adapt to the right handed method, or reverse all the directions given in the video.

Step 5: Create the Cool Lizard's Body

Now that you have a length of spool knitted yarn, it is finally time to put together your cool lizard. 
The first task is to shape the spool knitted yarn into a shape befitting your cool lizard.  In order to do this, bunch up the middle of the spool knitted yarn segment by doubling over the rope several times.  Leave 3-4 inches for the tail and 1-2 inches for the neck/head.  Using a large needle, threaded with yarn (of the same color you used to spool knit with), tie together your cool lizard's body. 
Look at the pictures if you are confused about this step.

Step 6: Legs for Your Cool Lizard

Your cool lizard is going to need legs if it is going to run free through the wilderness. 
Cut the pipe cleaner into four 2-inch sections.  Carefully poke the pipe cleaners into the bottom of your cool lizard's body.  Then, bend the bottom of each pipe cleaner to make feet for your cool lizard.

Step 7: Eyes for Your Cool Lizard

In order to see, your cool lizard is going to need eyes. 
The first step towards making eyes for your cool lizard is to use a hole puncher to get two small circles from your black felt/construction paper.  Next, choose two of the small cotton balls and glue one black circle to one of them.  Last, blue one eye to each side of your cool lizard's head.

Step 8: Done!

Congratulations!  You now have a super cool lizard.  Your last task is to name it.  I named mine Togle.

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