Introduction: Spool Organizer

Are you struggling with your organizational skills? Do you need some help? We have the spool for you! Thats right, we have constructed the state of the art spool organizer that will change your work bench, sewing bench, and life forever. The organizer has been constructed specifically for your needs. We have gone through so many formulas, calculating how to maximize your space. Follow this instructable to create your spooltastic lifestyle!

Spool On!

Step 1: Materials

1 Block 5.5”X11.75”X1.5” (base)
4 Dowel 12”X⅝” (hold wire)
2 PVC 6”X ¾” (raise wire)
2 PVC 8”X ¾” (raise wire)
1 PVC pipe cutter
1 Sandpaper
1 Pencil/marker

Step 2: Cutting PVC Pipe

Measure/mark and cut each PVC pipe (two 6”’s and two 8”s lengths and both are 3/4" wide). It is best to use a PVC pipe cutter. After all four PVC pipe is cut, sand both ends of each PVC pipe. 

Step 3: Cutting the Dowels

Measure/mark and cut each dowel (12”X⅝”). It is best to use a small saw and clamp the dowel to a work bench . To make the cut stable hold the end of the dowel. 

Step 4: Prepping Block

Take the block and measure a square that is 1.5”X1.5” at each corner (the corner of the block is one corner of the square).

Step 5: Drilling

Drill a hole, so that the drill is centered to the point created from the square that is diagonal from the blocks corner. The radius of the hole should be .375”. The hole should be 1.25” deep. Sane the inside of the hole until the pac pipe fits init tight and snug. Sand the wooden block so it is smooth.

Step 6: Glueing

Take wood glue and pour it into each of the holes. Then use a paper clip to spread the glue around the edges.

Step 7: Inserting the PVC Pipe

Take the 4 PVC pipes and hammer them in each hole. The two long ones should be diagonal from each other and the two short ones should be diagonal from each other; this allows large spools to be next to each other since they are at different heights.

Step 8: Glue the Inside

Glue the inside of the four PVC pipes

Step 9: Inserting the Dowel

Take each dowel and hammer the dowel into each pvc pipe

Step 10: Sawing the BIG PVC Pipe

Measure and mark 4" of the large PVC pipe. When measuring make several points that are four inches from the edge the connect those points. Then using the line saw the PVC pipe. To make the sawing smooth, clamp the PVC pipe to a work bench and have another person hold the side that is not being cut. In addition, turn the PVC pipe as sections are cut because it will be difficult to make a single cut all the way through. Sand the PVC pipe after it is cut.

Step 11: Screwing in the Nails

To keep the large PVC pipe in place we centered the PVC pipe and marked its edges. Then we screwed in four screws evenly around the circle. Do not screw the screws all the way in leave about half of an inch sticking out.

Step 12: Insert the Large PVC Pipe

Place the large PVC pipe within the 4 screws.

Step 13: (Optional) Decorate

Decorate the Spool Organizer anyway you want to personalize it! Now you are done!