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Today I'll show you how to build the spoon man.

If you need a fancy holder for your smartphone or something else, this is just the right thing.
All you need is a little bit cutlery (large and small spoons), 2 small screws and a few tools.

WATCH the tutorial on YouTube : How to build a spoon man !

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Step 1: You Need:

- 3 big spoons

- 2 small spoons

- 2 little bolts (M4 or M5)

- 2 nuts for the bolts

- drill (for the holes / size of the bolts)

Step 2: Spoons

Take the spoons and put the same sizes together.....2 small ones together....and the 3 big ones together....

Step 3: Bore the Big Ones

Bore through the big you can see at the pics.

Pad use voluntarily !

ATTENTION : One of the 3 get two holes....( SEE: last three photos of these step)

Step 4: Bore the Small Ones

Bore through the small you can see at the pics.
Pad use voluntarily !

Step 5: Put the Big Ones Together

Put the 3 big ones togehter.....with one bolt and one nut, as you can see one the photos.

ATTENTION: The big one with the 2 holes on the TOP !

....when you are ready, pull them apart, that it looks like a " Y " ....the one with the 2 holes is the single !

Step 6: The Little Ones

Turn the big ones ( Y ) around.

Take the 2 small ones, one bolt and one nut and attach it to the upper hole.

Step 7: Spoon Bend

Bend it as you can see at the pics....



You can stand him now and bend him towards how you need it.

If my guide was NOT easy to understand, watch the Video (on TOP).

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