Introduction: Spring Raindrop Necklace

Finished length 16.5 inches

- 1 Elaine Ray Pierced Pear bead
- 2 antique brass extra thick head pins, 1 inch
- 1 toggle
- 2 antique brass oval jump rings, 3x4
- 14.5 inches of Swarovski crystal chain, cut into two equal lengths
- 4 brass crimp-on chain ends to fit crystal chain (4.1mm or 2.5 mm)

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Cutters

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Step 1: Create Loops on Sides of Pear Bead

Thread a head pin through one of the small holes on the pear bead so that the head of the pin is inside the large piercing on the pear bead. Bend head pin, trim to 1/3 inch with wire cutters and loop with round nose pliers. Repeat using remaining head pin.

Step 2: Attach Chain Crimps Onto the Crystal Chain

Using your chain nose pliers attach a crimp-on end to crystal chain by pressing the crimp-on end around the last crystal on the chain length. Repeat until both sections of chain have ends attached.

Step 3: Attach the Pear Bead to the Crystal Chain

Using your chain nose pliers attach one section of chain to the looped head pin on one side of the Elaine Ray bead by gently opening the loop and feeding the head pin through the ring on the crimp-on end. Repeat with the other chain section on the other side of the Elaine Ray bead.

Step 4: Attach Toggle Onto the End of the Crystal Chain

Using your chain nose pliers gently open a jump ring and attach the toggle bar to one end of the crystal chain by feeding the jump ring through the loop on the crimp-on end and through the loop on the toggle bar. Close securely. Repeat to attach the toggle heart to the other end of the necklace.