Introduction: Square Knot Bracelet

For today's instructable, I'm showing you how to make a simple square knot bracelet. Enjoy!! Sorry for the bad pictures, but comment any other ideas/ crafts.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: Hemp cord or any cord Scissors Glue (E6000 works amazing!) or clear nailpolish Binder clip/any clip Tape

Step 2: Begin

Start by cutting 50-60in of cord (depending on your wrist) and 20 in of cord Fold the longer (50in) cord in half Clip down the two cords down to a flat surface DON'T MAKE A KNOT! LEAVE ABOUT 4IN OF CORD LEFT

Step 3: The Knot

Start by placing the right strand over the middle strand Take the left strand and put it over the right and under the middle Put it through the triangle/hole at the top Pull the knot tight

Step 4: Next

Repeat the same thing until you want to stop.

Step 5: Adjustable Closure

Once you're finished, cut off the right and left strands.

Step 6:

Make the two ends the same length Match up the two ends and tape them down

Step 7:

Get another piece of cord of about 12 inane make a few more square knots ( i make about 3-4 ) Add knots so the closure doesn't come off MAKE SURE TO ADD GLUE OR NAILPOLISH TO ALL KNOTS TO MAKE THEM MORE SECURE Now you're done!