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This Instructable gives you step by step procedure to create your Squash card. It is a perfect paper craft for the beginners.

Squash Card is a DIY kind of greeting card that you can gift to your partner to impress them to the core, it is very easy to make but looks a little complicated, trust me I've tried and it works perfect.

Step 1: Grab the Stuff

You need a very few things to do this

  • Craft Cards (3 enough)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Some Out liners(desired color)

Step 2: Making Part : 1

  • Take any color of chart sheet of 15cm X 15cm.(search paper packs in Amazon)
  • Now lets start making
  • Fold it to its half in the vertical way and apply some force on the folded end , then unfold it and fold it again in the horizontal way and do the same.

Step 3: Making Part : 2

  • Flip the square sheet to the other face.
  • Next
  • Now fold it in a diagonal way (one corner of the sheet touches the other corner) and apply force at the folded end then unfold it and re-flip it.
  • Make a fordable square as explained in the Images.

Step 4: Other Two Squares

  • Following the procedure from Step 1 & Step 2 make two more foldabel squares.
  • Make sure that one of them in the middle will be o different color so that it'll make some difference.
  • I suggest you to observe the images properly so that you'll understand it better

Step 5: Connecting the Squares

  • Open the folded squares and stick one end of 1st sheet to the end of 2nd sheet.
  • Now stick the other end of the 2nd sheet to one end of the 3rd sheet.
  • By the end of this step you made the Squash card but there are much more things to be added.

Step 6: Adding Something

  • You can add any type of pictures or written stickers in the appropriate areas as shown in the image.
  • Add a gift ribbon on the Squash card to make it look even more prettier.

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