Introduction: Squeezy Mesh Ball - Stressball

Hello and welcome to my Instructables! Here I will show you how to make a pretty cool stressball using simple materials. I hope you'll enjoy using the squeezy mesh ball and it is going to reduce your stress ;-)

Step 1: Gather the Materials

You will need the following :

- For the slime : water, food colourant, cornflour

- bowl, spoon, scissors

- balloon, net, rubber band

- 2 bottles

Step 2: Make the Slime

1. Fill 50 g cornflour in the bowl.

2. Heat 75 ml water.

3. Add the water to the cornflour and mix it.

4. For a pleasant effect, add a few drops of food colorant.

Step 3: Fill the Slime in the Balloon

1. Inflate balloon to stretch it.

2. Fill the slime into a bottle.

3. Fill the slime into the balloon.

Step 4: Close the Balloon

Step 5: Put the Net Around the Balloon

1. Twist the net firmly together.

2. Tie the net together with the rubber band.

Step 6: Cut Off the Rest

Step 7: Play With It

I hope you have enjoyed this Instructables and you will enjoy the Squeezy Mesh Ball too.

Step 8: View the Video

If you need any further help, maybe the YouTube video will help you. ;-)